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Suzanne Minard Elected MBA Board President

Michigan Ballet Academy is pleased to announce the election of Suzanne Stockinger Minard as MBA's second Board President.  Ms. Minard brings a wealth of management and organizational skills to the position from her experience as the Business Systems Project Manager for Rapidparts, Inc and previous positions.  She has been a member of the MBA board for over 4 years during which time Ms. Minard headed our marketing and outreach efforts and developed effective working relationships with MBA artistic staff, volunteers, and families.

MBA would also like to express deep gratitude to our founding Board President, David Bellamy.  Mr. Bellamy was critical in the formation of MBA and served as its president for the past 6 years.  His steady leadership and experience on boards of similar organizations (Grand Rapids Ballet and Opera Grand Rapids) was indispensable for the development of policies and governance structures necessary for the creation of a strong and durable organization.  Mr. Bellamy will continue as a member of the board and take on the title of President Emeritus. 

Other officers were also elected or re-elected.  Bruce Jarvis and Brett Kharhoff will retain their positions as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.  Marcia McEvoy Madden will assume the title of Vice President for Advancement.  The position of Vice President for Operations was created and Khary Bridgewater was elected to fill it.