Poland, Day 14 (Dzien dobry!)

by Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

Dzien dobry! (Good morning!).  I can’t believe we have been gone for two weeks already! Our trip is quickly coming to an end.

The surprises keep coming for our dancers. Today was mother’s day in Poland so everything was closed because of the holiday.  The dancers had the morning off, but unfortunately there was not much to do since everything was closed.  We did walk for a mile to make it to the mall only to find out it was closed.  The walk was nice and it was a beautiful morning.  We picked up from our hotel at 12:30, arrived at the Opera house a little before 1:00, and the dancers had class at 1:30. After class we had rehearsal, and at 4:00 we were told we could move to one of the big studios. The studios are phenomenal! very spacious, with excellent sprung floors and gorgeous chandeliers.  Once we were in the big studio one of the main company teachers came to watch the rehearsal and gave feedback to each of the dancers in the rehearsal.  It was an amazing opportunity for our dancers!  I believe they learned a lot from him and each of the pieces is even stronger and more beautiful now with his help.  It was clear that each of our dancers felt the pressure and they all were working extremely hard.  I was very proud of each of them.  Rehearsal got extended until 6:00. After working so hard, we went for a walk in the old town (the part we missed yesterday), and had dinner there, after dinner the dancers stopped for ice cream and we walked back to the Opera house to get taxis back to the hotel.  Our dancers are now all laughing together in the room next to mine sharing the highlights of the day.  They are all very excited and also exhausted.

Tomorrow we will also have a very busy day. The teacher who watched rehearsal today will actually teach class for MBA dancers while the director of the Polish National Ballet will watch. The plan is that both of them will give feedback to our dancers after the class.  They will also have rehearsal, and in the evening we were given tickets to attend the Opera Maria Stuart, which is collaboration with the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden.  It should be an amazing production and we are all very excited to see the performance. I will tell you all about it tomorrow. Do widzenia! (Good bye!)