Poland, Day 11 (Palaces, gardens, and dancing)

by Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

Palaces, gardens, and dancing. That was our day today. We started our day with a very impressive breakfast buffet at the hotel. We were escorted on a walk from the hotel to the cultural center where we performed which was about a 15 minute walk. Once settled in the theater we had to wait for the marley floor to be laid so we could start class. It was nice to have a full class (1.5 hour) for a change rather than just a warm up. After class there was a two hour rehearsal. While the dancers where in class with NIkoloz, Lorna and Darla ventured to a near by park they saw on the way to the theater. They found that in the park was a palace with a beautiful garden and classical statutes. They walked around the place and took pictures. After rehearsal we had dinner at a restaurant next to the theater, then Darla and Lorna took the dancers to see the palace and gardens. They were all very excited to see this beautiful place. We then went back to the theater for the performance. The cultural center auditorium was more modern, and small. Unfortunately, for the first time the house was about half full. However, they were very receptive of our dancers. Tonight we danced Copland trio, Awakening of Flora, Concerto in Modo Antico, Song for Viola, Carmen, Sirynx, and Don Quixote (Corinne and Julianna did the Bridesmaids variations). After the performance we walked around the center of town which is full of outside cafes and restaurants, beautiful plazas and fountains. Today was 80 degrees here, so the evening was very nice and comfortable. Tomorrow we go to the ballet school to give master classes and workshops, and then will go back to Warsaw in the evening. Enjoy the pictures.