Poland, Day 9 (Three days, Three Cities, Three Shows)

by Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

Videos from the performance in Siedlce, Poland, May 21 2016

Today was the last of three shows, in three cities, in three days.  We took an early bus to Siedlce from Warsaw and arrived at 10:30 AM. We walked to the theater which gave us an opportunity to enjoy this beautiful town.  The cultural center there was larger than the ones we have been in so far. The theater lobby was beautifully ornamented with musical notes and nice couches.  Soon after our arrival the director of the cultural center arranged for a private tour of the museum that has religious artifacts and art from the 15th century. These were all pieces that have been found in churches throughout Poland.  Most of them were in ruins, and people thought it was garbage and they were ready to be thrown away.  The artifacts and art work were recovered and restored, including an original painting by El Greco.  The tour guide explained how churches where set up then, and described a lot of the symbolisms of the artifacts and art.  They have an impressive collection of priest's robes and we received an explanation of the symbols in those as well.  We also got to see a wind pipe organ and got the opportunity to play it!  We also saw beautiful leather bound religious books and a book of church music.  The tour ended in a room where we could sit only a few feet away from the painting by El Greco of St. Francis, while we heard an explanation of the painting by our guide.  She was wonderful answering our questions and gave us bookmarks and brochures as we left.  We invited her to the performance and she came!

After the tour we were escorted to a very nice restaurant and had a great lunch. We then went back to the theater had a an hour to get ready for class and rehearsal. Class and rehearsal went well. The performance was very long the other schools were first and took 1.5 hours, so we did not get to be on stage until 8:45.  Our students did very well and Corinne got the opportunity to dance the Don Quixote pas de deux, as well as the variation and coda with Mr. Eduard Bablidze. Corinne was selected by Mr. Bablidze to dance this part with him.  Maria and Breanna were also invited to dance two of the variations and did an amazing job!  I was very proud of our students that they could dance a difficult piece with very little rehearsal, borrowed costumes, and do it so well.  After the performance we came back to Warsaw and did not make it back to the hotel until midnight.

Everyone was exhausted. Tomorrow we have a free morning then on to Bialystok in the afternoon.  Before that though I have to buy a new suitcase since our large suitcase with the costumes broke and we have been taking it to places for the last two days with duck tape all around it.  New suitcase today.  Thank goodness for duck tape!