Poland, Day 7 (Performance #2)

by Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

We had a leisurely morning, with a very short rehearsal for Don Q variations at the ballet school before leaving for Wejherowo for today’s performance. We left at 1:00, got to the theater at 2:00, and had class from 3-4, followed by rehearsal from 4-5:30, a quick dinner, and then it was time to get ready for the performance.

The performance was at the Cultural Center of Wejherowo. One of the students from the Gdansk State Ballet School who last month won the Riga Ballet competition danced two classical variations in the program. Eduard Bablidze and his wife Ana danced Swan Lake pas de deux, and Don Quixote pas de deux. They decided two days ago to invite four of our dancers to dance two different variations from Don Q with them. Tonight Julianna Ball and Corinne Jarvis had the opportunity to dance the two variations with the professional couple. Both girls did a fantastic job performing difficulty piece with only two 20 minute rehearsals. Way to go girls!

Corinne in a borrowed tutu for the Don Quixote variation she and Julianna performed tonight.

Everyone did a wonderful job tonight. The 350 seats theater was almost full, and at the end of the performance there was a standing ovation, and Mr. Bablidze invited each one of our dancers to bow individually. It was a very successful performance. I was very proud of each of our dancers tonight. Tomorrow we start early travel 6 hours and perform!. Although we are all having a good experience some of us starting to miss home and family.