Poland, Day 6 (Circles and Triangles)

by Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

Solidarity Monument

We finally got to be tourists today! After our regular breakfast our guide met us at the lobby and off we were to visit Old Town in Gdansk. We took the tram to Old town and got to see a little of the city that way. Once in Old town we walked around beautiful old streets with gorgeous architecture, got to also see the solidarity monument and the solidarity museum. In town,  we learned about the history of the City, about several important landmarks, including several of the gates to the city, and some of the canals. We visited the Church of St. Mary’s and many of our dancers climbed to the top of the tower! Those of us who ventured up the narrow spiral staircase got the chance to enjoy an incredible view of the city from above, including the winding rivers. It was so beautiful!

Church of St. Mary's

After 2 and half hours of walking (and climbing stairs) and some ice cream our dancers were getting tired so we headed back to the hotel to rest for an hour before taking ballet class and then rehearsal. So we spent the late afternoon and early evening in the studio working, then had our supper and went back to our rooms. The dancers gathered for a few hours to talk and slowly one by one, moved to their rooms to sleep. It is quiet in the hallway now…

Circle or Triangle??

Tomorrow we go to Wejherowo, to rehearse and perform. It will be a long day. We will see what adventures come our way. I hope they are better than the adventures some of the members of our group have had while trying to find a bathroom. Bathrooms here are marked by symbols a circle and a triangle. Figure out which one is which! Some of our group members walked into the wrong bathroom!.  More news soon.