Poland, Day 5 (Classes and Rehearsals in Gdansk)

by Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Hernandez Jarvis

A very busy and exciting day today!. Our dancers were invited to observe two technique classes of the State Ballet School in Gdansk. The students are preparing their exam class today. Their exams are this coming Saturday. It was very interesting to see the Vaganova approach taught by a Russian and a Polish teacher. Our dancers learned a lot by watching those classes today.

We then all observed Polish Folk dance (Character) class. It was fantastic!. It was with the students in level 4 and they were wonderful. For short sections of the class they asked for volunteers to dance with them and Corinne and Julianna joined them. It was lots of fun!

In the afternoon our dancers had a character class of their own, and then a very engaging modern dance class. That was followed by 3 hours of rehearsal for the performance coming on May 19. The school we are staying at is a State Ballet school with great studios, a very comfortable dorm, and a nice dining room. The dancers were offered physical therapy services and they all used them, massage, laser therapy, and a sauna. They loved it!  Gabe is developing quite a following among the young ladies of the school!

Tomorrow morning we will get a tour of the old town in Gdansk. We are all very much looking forward to seeing the city. In the late afternoon early evening we will have class and rehearsal. On Friday we will be back on our way to Warsaw where we will perform that night.