Poland, Day 2

By Assistant Artistic Director, Lorna Jarvis

Waiting for (something?)...

A second very busy day in Poland!.  Our dancers got to watch a regional dance competition for ages 5-16, including, ballet, contemporary and jazz. There were many dance schools from the area that participated. Lorna was asked to be one of the judges in the competition. The competition was from 9:00AM-12:30 PM . This was a surprise for Lorna but she took to the task and the organizers seem very pleased and appreciative of her participation in this way. At 1:00 our dancers got to take class on stage while all the competition participants and their parents watched (more than 300 people!). After the class, there was a 2 our workshop in which Eduard Bablidze and his wife Anna, rehearsed/performed The Sleeping Beauty pas de deux, and little red riding hood and the Wolf. Also Breanna and Gabe got to rehearse on stage the duet choreographed by Mr. Bablidze (see video clip below). Eduard himself ran the rehearsal as the entire audience watch. After the workshop was the award ceremony for the competition.  Many of the competition participants came to ask for our dancer’s autographs, and were asking: “When can we dance like MBA dancers?” Parents of the competitors asked Lorna questions about the amount of training our students go through and everyone seem to be very impressed and appreciative of MBA dancers. We left the theater at 5:00 went back to the hotel to rest for a few minutes, then went for a long walk around the town. Got back to the hotel had dinner and then it was time for bed since class tomorrow is at 8:00 AM with a performance at 11:00 AM. Our first full performance will be tomorrow and the dancers are really eager to show their talent in Swidnik.