Ballet Technique

The male students train together with the female students during the daily 'technique' class.  In this class, all students perform the same exercises and work on the technique that is common to all ballet.

Men’s/Boys Technique

Men’s class is designed to fine tune the technique of male dancing, focusing on physical strength, power, and brilliance with particular emphasis on elevation, pirouettes and beats. 

Pas De Deux

Literally the “step of two,” pas de deux classes are the culmination of a student’s training. Due to the potential of physical injury, only the strongest males and the most appropriately conditioned females can participate in these classes. “Pas De Deux” training begins with simple promenades, floor work and basic pirouettes. Eventually, and only when the partners have developed the necessary strength and timing, they can partake in the aerial work such as overhead lifts, throws and catches.




Weight Training

Weight Training teaches the boys proper technique for upper body strength training.  Proper strength training prepares the male dancers to always fully support the ballerina during the 'Pas de Deux'.  Supervised training ensures the students learn the exercises with proper technique to ensure safety and development of the appropriate musculature for the male dancer.